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If You Don’t See Them, You’re Not Secure

Cyber-defense programs and software-based solutions can protect your computers & network system. But they are not enough .

Computer security devices that can physically block the entry of cyber threats to your data system are readily available,

Visible data ports and connectors unguarded without physical computer security devices

Are weak link in protecting your data and systems.

They are open doors for those who want to steal data and information. To install computers viruses and programs written to alter the way a computer functions without permission of the user

Among the Top Ten Secure Computing Tips from the University of California at Berkeley is the suggestion to “never leave devices unattended.

Complete Your Defense with Computer Security Devices

Blocking the hundreds of data ports and connectors that exist in the workplace with computer security devices designed precisely for the task is the only way to truly complete your cyber security perimeter. But blocking your ports and connectors alone is not enough. Making sure that authorized persons have ready access is just as vital to the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization as blocking them is vital to security. Locks and keys for your ports and connectors are the answer for getting both vital benefits at the same time.

Smart Keeper collection of computer security devices provides you with the PC security you need, without sacrificing the accessibility that makes your system so vital to operations.

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