The Evolution of Modem Technologies and the Role of Rugged PCs

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The mobile industry is undergoing a significant transition from legacy 2G and 3G networks to modern data-centric cellular technologies like LTE and 5G. As this shift takes place, the need for robust and reliable hardware solutions becomes paramount. In this blog, we'll explore the impact of this transition on various industries and how rugged PCs with integrated modems can play a crucial role.

The Sunset of 2G and 3G Networks:

The retirement of 2G and 3G networks, which have served us for over two decades, is rapidly progressing worldwide. This transition is not just about replacing outdated technology; it's an opportunity to expand the capabilities of devices. Companies like SolidRun offer the Bedrock series, including R7000 and V3000, which can accommodate various modems from CAT4 to CAT20. These rugged PCs are designed to thrive in the new era of cellular connectivity.

Impact on IoT:

The IoT sector will experience significant changes due to the network sunset. Many IoT devices were intended to last for a decade or more, and now, they require replacements or upgrades. SolidRun's Bedrock series, equipped with versatile modems, provides a seamless solution for IoT applications, from elevator communications to emergency services data relays.

VoLTE Connections, 2016-2025

The Benefits of LTE and VoLTE:

Switching to LTE and VoLTE is essential for ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. These technologies offer faster and clearer signals compared to older cellular generations. Additionally, they enable unified services covering voice, data, and video applications. SolidRun's R7000 and V3000 with LTE support are well-suited for this transition.

Private Cellular Networks and Beyond:

In-building cellular connectivity can be extended through private cellular networks, offering cost-effective solutions for enterprises. Compulab's Fitlet3 and Tensor I22, known for their CPU capabilities, also have the ability to accommodate different modems. This flexibility ensures seamless communication within buildings and supports various voice services, including elevator emergency calls and internal security voice communications.

Transition to 5G:

While 5G is on the horizon, LTE will continue to play a crucial role as a fallback technology. Compulab's Tensor I22, with its advantages, ensures a smooth transition as companies contemplate moving directly to 5G.


The evolution of modem technologies demands adaptable hardware solutions. Companies like SolidRun and Compulab offer rugged PCs with modem integration, ensuring a reliable, future-proofed path for businesses and industries transitioning to LTE and 5G.

By embracing these technologies, businesses can not only replace outdated devices but also expand their capabilities as data-based services become more accessible with LTE and beyond.


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